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Our in-home ABA testing and ABA behavioral therapy services for children on the autism spectrum can improve social and academic skills, and help parents manage behaviors

Our first step is to assess your child's problematic behaviors using direct in-home observation. We will then develop an evidence-based program designed specifically for your child. We provide implementation, monitoring, parent and staff training using a verbal behavior approach to increase language, social, play, academic and self-help skills.

Assessment: This is our first step, and it will allow us to discover your child's strengths and also those areas that require improvement. We will directly observe your child in the home and also interact with the child to ensure that we have a complete and accurate assessment. Our assessment will include examining verbal behavior, socialization, self-care, etc. We will then determine the most appropriate teaching methods that will enable your child to acquire needed skills.

Implementation: After the assessment is complete, we will begin the implementation phase of therapy. During implementation, we encourage parental involvement and observation as we interact with your child.

Assistance and Advocacy in the School: Our primary responsibility in this area is to represent the best interests of the student in the educational process. We will suggest appropriate special education services and programs to meet the student's individual needs within the school setting. We will help you prepare for the IEP program meeting - including proposing goals and objectives, reviewing supportive evidence and materials, assistance in putting concerns and requests in writing, and providing strategies for the IEP meeting.

In most cases, your health insurance plan will assist you in paying for these types of services for your child. We work with several insurance carriers including:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
  • TRICARE/Echo
  • Medicaid